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Child Abuse and Neglect

We must have compassion to help
those in need.

We must have knowledge to help
change the future.

We must be brave enough to speak up
for the children who can’t.
Don’t wait until you can “prove” child abuse. Make your report whenever your worries about the safety of a child turns into suspicions that the child is being abused or neglected.

Intake is the first stage of the child protective process. It is not always possible to obtain all of the information during the intake process. In many instances, some of the information will not be known to the reporter. Therefore, the information gathered and documented during the initial intake reflects the information known to the reporter at the time of intake.

All reports are screened to determine whether the allegations meet the statutory definitions of child abuse or neglect and are within the scope of child protection services. The intake process includes gathering sufficient information to:

• Identify and locate the child(ren) and the parent and/or caretaker;
• Assess the seriousness of the situation, consider the urgency for response, and initiate the safety assessment.

The following information is needed for the intake report:

• Child’s information: Name (including nicknames), sex, race, age/birth date. Other helpful information can be: school (including grade), teacher’s name, child care. Indicate the child’s relationship to alleged perpetrator(s).
• Are there any other children in the home? If so is there any safety issues that will affect them in the home?
• Parent / Caretaker’s information
• Alleged Perpetrator’s information
• Other household members: Name (include aliases/nicknames), sex, race, age/birth date, employment/ school information. Other helpful information can be: the hours the individual works or attends school.
• Physical address, telephone number, driving directions (include information to identify house if no physical address or house number is given).
• Others who may have knowledge of the situation
• Do you know the child’s other relatives? (Grandparents, aunts, uncles)

What happened to the child, in simple terms?
• Did you see physical evidence of abuse or neglect?
• Is there anything that makes you think this child is in immediate danger?
• Has there been any occurrence of domestic violence in the home?
• Are you concerned about a family member’s drug/alcohol use?

• Approximately when did the incident occur?
• When is the last time you saw the child or children?


• Current location of child, parent/caretaker, alleged perpetrator

• How do you know what happened with the family?
• How long has this been going on?

Just in case either the CPS Investigator or CPS/Social Worker approaches you and asks you questions remember: You have been contacted because ESDFS has received a report about a concern involving a child.

It is important for you to know that:
ESDFS received the report and has the duty to look into the report.
ESDFS will look at the safety of the child.
ESDFS may investigate and involve the law enforcement or the court if needed, to protect the child from abuse and/or neglect.

The cooperation and information you give the staff of ESDFS is for the benefit, safety and well being of our clients being served by E. Shoshone Department of Family Services.
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“Great achievements are nurtured with the cooperation of many minds with a common vision working toward a common goal.”
- Successories, LLC.

“It is strictly believed and understood by the Indian People that a child is the greatest gift, therefore the child is considered "sent by the Great Spirit" Through some element namely the element of human nature.”

- R. Higheagle

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