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IIM Department

IIM Department: Ashley Hammock

IIM Aplications -
can be obtained by contacting the office.

Program operated under 25 C.F.R § 115.00
ESDFS is responsible for monitoring & maintaining IIM accounts of enrolled members of the E. Shoshone Tribe held in trust for minors and adults who are handicapped/disabled as well as continue the services previously provided through the BIA (i.e., Request for withdrawal from an IIM account). The Superintendent of the Wind River Bureau of Indian Affairs will serve as the existing authority of all IIM Trust accounts activity.

IIM Aplications can be obtained by contacting the office

Program operated under 25 C.F.R § 115.00
Information when requesting for funds from an IIM account:
In part, when requesting for a distribution plan (release of funds from the account holder’s IIM account) the funds may be disbursed for such purposes deemed only to be in the best interest and welfare of the IIM account holder. The request should be made with the IIM worker who will start the process of the request.

25 CFR part 115 does not include a section which addresses adult supervised IIM accounts. To accommodate this omission, 25 CFR Part 115 will also apply to Adult Supervised accounts.

Supervised accounts as specified in 25 CFR Subpart 115.420 (A through D) When developing a minor ’s distribution plan, the following information must be considered and included in the evaluation:

• Documentation which establishes who had physical custody of the minor(e.g., home visits, school records, medical records, etc);
• A copy of any custodial orders or guardianship orders from a court of competent jurisdiction;
• The name(s) of the person and his or her relationship to the minor,if any, who makes a request for a disbursement from the minor’s account;
An evaluation of other resources, including parental income that may be available to meet the unmet needs of the minor.

The best interest of an adult or minor account holder should be based on DOCUMENTED UNMET NEED.
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“Great achievements are nurtured with the cooperation of many minds with a common vision working toward a common goal.”
- Successories, LLC.

“It is strictly believed and understood by the Indian People that a child is the greatest gift, therefore the child is considered "sent by the Great Spirit" Through some element namely the element of human nature.”
- R. Higheagle

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