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Foster Care

Foster Care Coordinator: Gina M. Jarvis

Foster Care Application
Continuum Training Hours Record

“Helping to strengthen Indian Families”
“Family foster care is an essential service for children & parents who must live apart while maintaining legal and, usually affectional ties. The value of family foster care is that it can respond to the unique individual needs of infants, children, youth, and their families through the strength of family living and through family and community supports.”

Basic Foster Parent Qualifications:
• Age: At least 21 years old
• Marital Status: Legally married, legally divorced, or single
• Income: Sufficient income to meet the family needs.
• Housing: Adequate bedroom space for a child and meeting safety and health standards.
• Health: Physically, mentally, and cognitively capable as verified by a physician.
• Background check: No history of substantiated abuse, neglect or criminal activities.

Training: Willing to participate in at least (18) hours of pre-service training and CPR/First Aid certification.

The goal of Foster Care:
“Is to provide opportunities for healing, growth, and development leading to healthier infants, children, youth and families, with safe nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime.”

We are currently needing (3) types of foster care placements:
Emergency: Short notice crisis until longer term arrangements can be made
Specialized: Work with children with more challenging emotional, behavioral, and medical problems.
Regular: Protect and nurture most of the children in care who do not need emergency or specialized care.

Thinking about becoming a Foster Parent?

Some things you should know
There are many reasons why people consider becoming a foster parent. Wanting to give back to the community, the desire to help children, biological children are grown and miss the day to day parenting, etc. What ever your reason may be, there is some basic information you should have to help you make your final decision.

Foster parenting is an opportunity to provide a much needed service to your community and to help a child in needed of safe, caring home. The children who come into care have different level of needs and are of various ages. Our agency needs loving, caring people to help care for and nurture these children, pre-teens & teenagers until they are able to return to their parents home.

There are responsibilities and benefits to becoming a foster parent. The responsibilities include working with the Agency, the court and the biological parents to work together toward the permanency plan for the child(ren), work with the school(s) to assure the child’s educational needs are being met; provide transportation to appointments (counseling, medical, visits, etc); provide updates to the Agency on how the child(ren) are progressing.

The benefits to becoming a foster parent are specialized training for working with foster children; foster care payments for caring for a child; becoming a professional member of our team; developing a bond with a child in need; and building relationships with other foster parents in your community."

The following questionnaire will help determine if you are eligible to be a foster parent:

1. Do you have enough room in your home to temporarily house a child?
2. Can your home pass a safety inspection?
3. Are you physically and emotionally capable of caring for children?
4. Do you have a history or record of abuse or neglect?
5. Do you have an adequate income to meet your own family’s current needs?
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“Great achievements are nurtured with the cooperation of many minds with a common vision working toward a common goal.”
- Successories, LLC.

“It is strictly believed and understood by the Indian People that a child is the greatest gift, therefore the child is considered "sent by the Great Spirit" Through some element namely the element of human nature.”
- R. Higheagle

Foster Care Application
Continuum Training Hours Record

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